Watch Her Glow

In 2012, Laura Hatt was at a moment in her life when she was able to breathe again. Her traumatic past of abuse behind her, she was now in a loving marriage and life had found a peaceful rhythm. But her memories of a time she wanted to forget, still crippled her confidence. Wanting to help Laura heal, her husband, David, purchased a simple soap-making kit, in hopes a hobby may help soothe her pain. 

That, it did. Laura threw herself into the art of making soap. She woke up each morning eager to make something new and when one kit was complete, David would buy another one, and another one, and another. Soap making became her moment to relax, release, renew, and to feel connected and alive again. With so many soaps and scrubs made, family and friends started to inquire and not long thereafter, she started selling her creations and Dolphin Wood House was born.

When developing her brand, she knew she wanted to center it around water. Once very fearful of water, due to the past trauma in her life, she became focused on breaking her fear of it. One year, for her husband’s birthday, she purchased some sailing lessons for him. She bravely decided to accompany him, and found herself slowly getting acclimated to water again. Now, they frequently go sailing off the shores of Charleston, and stay out longer and go farther out each time. The Atlantic ocean has become her therapy and they now have dreams of sailing around the world someday. Her gratitude and love for the ocean water is what you’ll find in every product she makes.

More than anything, it’s Laura’s hope that her soaps give someone a moment to simply breathe. And if for some small reason that helps to heal a struggling spirit, then she is one happy sailor.


Fun Fact: The name Dolphin Wood House was inspired by a piece of land on her country property that, from an aerial view, you can see is shaped like a dolphin's head. 


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