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Years ago I was in an abusive relationship that stole my confidence, my ability to feel free and put me into ever persistent jail that 20 years later I still haven't escaped.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about my abusive ex-husband.  I have nightmares and my memories are filled with terror day after day, night after night and I have never been able to get off of that treadmill.   As I reflect on my life now, in my journeys of getting to the point where I'm able to deal with that pain. I realized that what I needed most was something that would allow me to believe again, in myself, in my abilities and would allow me to focus on the things that matter and not my fear and not my trauma.  Because if I didn't find that I would stay lost. I would always wake up scared from the nightmares. It was finding that thing that would allow me to connect and to relax and to release and to renew. 
It just so happens that I found that in the most ironic of places, in making soap.  You see my current husband who is one of the bright lights in my life now, wanted to help me and got me a soap making kit one day.  I tried it and lo and behold I was able to throw myself into it and that night I didn't have nightmares. I woke up having something to look forward to. I woke up wanting to make more soap. So my husband got me another kit and another kit and another kit and I started to make these soaps and every day I had something to look forward to.   Something that allowed me to relax, to release, to renew and to feel connected and to feel alive again. As I made these soaps I ran out of places to put them, friends and family started to ask me about these soaps and these scrubs that I was making.  Sure enough, I gave them to friends and family and others would ask for them and before long I was selling these soaps and these scrubs. What I realized was that making soap was my therapy.  Not only do I get to make something that made me feel alive but when I was able to use those products when I took a shower I felt connected to myself.  I realized I was able to relax finally, to release the day and to feel renewed. And for many women and the stories that they shared with me, that was their story as well. That their life is full of all of these challenges and worry and fear and anxiety.  With all of the hustle and bustle of the day of being a buzzy mom, that they don't have time for themselves to find that space to relax, to release, to renew. In my soaps and my scrubs, it is that one time of day that they can close the door and take a shower or relax in a bath and find themselves. And they too were getting the same things out of my soaps and I was like WOW.  They were able to relax, to release, and to renew. 
Along the way I found my mission in life now, it is to continue to make these soaps and scrubs. Not just for my own therapy and to help me cope with my past drama, but to also give other women out there, those buzzy women running households, working 9 to 5, and under pressure. To give them just a moment to relax, to release, and to renew.  Because when we take back just that moment it can change every aspect of our life. I have had women tell me these stories time and time again.  So where ever you are right now, whatever you are dealing with in your life, whatever you are going through I want you to understand this. That you will continue to be traumatized by the past and what you have gone through, you will continue to feel stressed and worried and as if you are on a never-ending treadmill if you don't stop to own a bit, a piece of your world.  Whatever that may be, it may be that shower, that bath, whatever that moment is please understand this. It needs to do 3 things for you, it needs to help you to relax so that you can let go of what has been happening or of the day. It needs to allow you to release to truly just let go for just a moment and forget about all of those things and to bring you into the now.  It also has to renew you so that you feel a connection to yourself and to what it is all for. If you can do those 3 things, you will not only overcome your past fears, your past trauma and the anxiety of the day but you will feel whole. You will feel above the fray. 
I found that in my soaps and that is what Dolphin Wood House, the company, is all about. Helping women to Relax, to Release, and to Renew. 

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