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Laura is great to work with. She makes it her priority to create my soaps exactly like I envision them. My customers love the soaps so much that it is hard to keep them in stock!


Laura is a dream to work with. She always does impeccable work and has an attention to detail that I certainly appreciate as a brand owner. I know I can grow my own business now that I have help from someone I can trust and who does amazing work every time. I highly recommend Laura!

Carrie N.

Laura is one of the most talented soap makers out here! I love her soaps and use them daily on my face and body. When I run out of it; I immediately notice the difference and have to get more ASAP :) So when deciding to place a wholesale order, Laura was attentive and sprang into action to create a soap that reflects our business as crystal and gemstone dealers and creators of handmade high vibrational art and jewelry. Laura created beautiful, handmade fluorite crystal inspired soap gemmies that sit on top of a fluorite themed soap rich in lavender and patchouli oil! It is fabulously beautiful! We are so excited to launch this new addition to our business. Thank you Laura!

Carla at Infinite Treasures LLC

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