Taking Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Dry Winter Skin

That time of year is coming again! The temperature will be dropping, and the winds will start to blow, and you feel like your face is going to freeze off. And it's no wonder – when winter has descended upon us, we all know what happens when we go from the dry heat of summer to cold wet rain and snow.

Anti-aging specialists agree that using a cream is not as good for your skin. Creams make your skin feel wet and oily, but if you use an oil-based lotion it will make your skin feel less dry and flaky. Oily skin feels wet and slimy, but hydrated skin does not feel like that.

But don't fret! We have compiled a list to help you choose products that will keep your skin smooth and supple this winter. Now there's no need to sacrifice sleep or skincare just because of a few blustery days.

Oil-based moisturizers are good for locking in moisture. They are also good at giving you back some of the moisture that was lost.

If your skin is dry or dehydrated, it means it is lacking water. This can make the skin feel tight, look dull and even cause free radical damage if left untreated.

Dehydration can happen from the environment, stress, diet or general well-being. It can even be a side effect of certain medications that do not allow the body to retain water.

You may have noticed that many lotions are marketed as being 'fragrance-free' – this is because scents are often added to cover up the harsh chemicals present in those products. Also, try and avoid alcohols as they tend to strip away what little moisture you have left on your skin.

Using a lotion with oil is better than using a cream. The lotion will make your skin feel less dry and look nicer.

The best time to apply oils is immediately after showering while you still feel damp. This gives your pores a better chance to absorb the nutrients in oil.

Remember, when you are traveling always carry along with you an oil-based moisturizer. When skin is exposed to extreme environmental elements like dry heat and cold winds it loses its natural moisture more rapidly and needs all the help it can get to retain what little there still is. A lightweight lotion isn't going to cut it if you want healthy skin this winter!

Now let's get started with some products you can use to keep your skin from becoming a frosty mess!

Wild Citrus Berry Emulsified Coral Scrub

Berry Sugar Scrub

This scrub makes your skin feel amazing. It turns into a lotion after you wash it away leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and clean! Use this on your face or body to remove dead cells from any exposed areas for best results.

Summer Nights Lotion Bar

Solid Lotion Bar

This solid lotion bar is a must-have! The combined scent of cedar, patchouli and amber will have you feeling like the warm sand between their toes as they walk on a beach during sunset, with nothing but waves breaking behind them. Your skin remains delicately smooth after using this lotion bar because its blend includes hemp oil mixed with mango butter which leaves no greasy feel whatsoever!

Lip Balm - Cherry - Coconut – Lemon

Hard Lip Balm

You'll feel like a movie star when you use our Lip Balm. The light breeze of kisses is what you'll feel as it glides across your lips, not to mention that its nourishing butter and oils make for an instant solution!


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