Reasons to Love Bar Soap

Soap bars that are handmade and natural are among the best gifts you can offer your body. Buying handmade natural soaps enable you to contribute to the environment and small businesses.

There is a widespread misperception that bar soap can be harsh on your skin. However, with natural soaps, the reverse is true.

Commercial soaps are largely just fancy detergents in the form of liquid or bar. As a result, in addition to other major concerns, dehydration is one of the main problems that can be caused to your skin.

Artificial surfactants, hardeners, and chemical lathering ingredients on a soap's label indicate that it is actually a detergent rather than "soap." The FDA has issued a legal definition of the term "soap." The majority of commercial brands don't correspond to the legal definition of soap.

Commercial soap mostly is made of chemicals to make them last during transport and stored in a warehouse to be sold. On the other hand, handmade soap is devoid of harmful preservatives. In natural soap, the benefits of the oils and other natural ingredients are intact.

Lye and oils undergo a chemical process known as saponification to create handmade soap. The soap contains super-fat, or residual oils, that act as a moisturizer and nourishes your skin.

The saponification process completes when the oil molecules and lye have bonded and chemically transformed into glycerin and soap.

The lye is consumed during the saponification process, which turns the oil into soap if it is prepared correctly. As there is no lye present in the finished bar soap, you can use them safely.

An essential step in the process of producing bar soap is when a portion of the oils is converted into pure glycerin that lingers in the final output.

Glycerin, a component of soap, is essential since it retains moisture on the skin. Otherwise, the soap may wipe the dirt, but leave your skin extremely dry.

For manufacturing purposes, commercial soap makers often eliminate glycerin. The naturally skin-loving glycerin is taken out of the natural soap product to create milled soap in order to prevent machinery clogging. On the other hand, handmade bar soap, however, contains glycerin naturally. Isn't it amazing!

Besides, there are numerous benefits of using natural bar soap. 

Benefits of Bar Soaps:

There are various factors, including ingredients, social responsibility, and aesthetics, that favor handcrafted soap over commercial soap. Let's take a look at a few of them:


Handmade bar soap is lightweight and portable. You can put the soap in a small pouch and carry it wherever you go, whether it's for a workout, camping, or a trip. When flying, you can also bring bar soap in your hand luggage in contrast to shower gels and liquid soap.

Vanilla Soap

In comparison to liquid soap, handcrafted bar soap can be packed in smaller portions that last longer, making your luggage lighter in weight. Thus, you can rest assured that you always have access to your preferred soap, which can be a great help in need.


Bar soap is a multi-purpose cleaning product. The same bar soap can be used to cleanse your face, hands, body, and feet, as well as your hair.

Additionally, the handcrafted bar soap is oil-rich and hydrating, making it ideal for shaving.

You can also wash dishes and use them as a basic household cleaning product. Even when used for laundry, they will leave your clothing with an amazing fragrance.

This became convenient, especially while traveling since carrying multiple soap bars may not be feasible for you to fulfill all your cleaning necessities.

Organic and Natural Options

These soaps are often created using only organic and/or natural components. The soap's natural oils naturally care for the health and well-being of the skin.

Bar soap doesn't need chemical preservatives, which are often added to commercial liquid soaps as they contain water to extend their shelf life. This is mainly because bar soaps only include a little amount of water.

Natural soaps come in varieties of options such as soaps that contain no fragrance or color, as well as soaps that contain fragrance and/or color or no color.

However, the good news is, in today's time, you can find plenty of alternatives devoid of synthetic perfumes and colors that are safe for your use.

Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free 

Handmade soap bars are usually prepared entirely with vegetable oils.

Therefore, as the majority of natural soaps are composed entirely of vegetable oils and don't include any components of animal origin, they are suitable for vegans.

Additionally, since there is no animal testing involved, natural soaps are cruelty-free, which is ethically a great thing.

By opting for these natural and cruelty-free soap bars, you can contribute to ensuring a safe world for them.

Ecofriendly and Biodegradable

Most handcrafted bar soap uses only natural ingredients and hence, they are biodegradable and kind to the environment.

It doesn't take a lot of energy or complicated components to be produced. Thus, bar soap is less harmful to the environment.

Additionally, they can come without plastic containers and packaging. As there are no empty bottles left over after the product runs out, they can be zero-waste.

These soaps are usually sold without packaging. However, they can also come in cardboard or paper cartons which are also biodegradable.

Apart from these, transporting bar soap uses lower fuel than hauling an equivalent amount of liquid or gel soap. 

Produced With Attention to ingredients

Glycerin and oils are among the most essential components of handmade bar soap. Oftentimes, some of them can also contain natural color, fragrance, or ingredients like flower petals.

Such components are safer than commercial soaps since they come with minimal to no useful components and a high level of artificial fragrance.

The herbal and aroma infusion makes each bar soap unique and exceptional. You can easily swap between them for a new experience. Some of the bar soap comes with added herbs for better exfoliation and nourishment. Thus, bar soaps can offer you a velvety skin sensation while leaving you with clean and clear skin.

Wide Range of Shapes, Fragrances, and Colors

There are a variety of bar soaps with the ideal ingredients, color, shape, or fragrance to fit individual tastes.

You can easily choose from a truly wide range of products that bar soap offers since it can be manufactured from several different natural components.

With regard to ingredients, mildness, and moisturizing properties, handmade soaps always are a better option that can beat commercial ones.

There are literally many possible combinations. As they come in tons of fascinating patterns, shapes, colors, and fragrances to choose from, you can easily find one that suits you the best.


Bar soap has a longer shelf life and causes less waste than liquid soap and body wash products. Therefore, if you leave a natural bar soap to air dry in between applications, it can last for about 4 to 6 weeks.

While applying liquid soap, we often do not have control over the dispense of the product. Also, many of us end up using too much of it since we want to make a larger amount of lather.

On the other hand, solid soap has a longer shelf life and causes less waste than liquid soap and body wash products. To create lather, you only require a small amount of soap. Simply dampen your loofah before using it to scrub your body for more lather. Also, once it's wet, the foam persists. 

An easy trick to get the most out of your bar is cutting it into smaller pieces. This is because less soap will contact water when the surface area is narrow.


Soaps with harsh chemicals can cause immense harm to your skin and health as they get absorbed into your skin through the pores.

On the other hand, bar soaps are made with just natural components. So when you choose handcrafted soap bars, your skin is just absorbing natural substances.

With only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils, bar soap is gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.

Unlike normal detergent-like soap on the market, handcrafted soap usually employs a cold process that includes no toxic chemicals or synthetic colors. The advantages of oils obtained from plants are best preserved using this technique.

Additionally, bar soaps are becoming a safe and affordable substitute for commercial liquid or bar soaps as awareness of the use of plastic increases.

Apart from the benefits, there are more crucial reasons to switch from mass-produced soap to handmade soap bars. By purchasing handcrafted bar soap, you help local small businesses and support the local economy. 

If you prefer a soap without a scent or color, but with specific beneficial oils or different types of butter, or with/without goat's milk, kindly don't hesitate to get in touch with us. There are countless alternatives and we are ready to collaborate with our supporters. Unwind your beautiful and healthy skin!


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