My Values

At one point in my life, there was a lot that I was unsure of. Part of it was age, part was lack of support, and still another was that I had forgotten how to shine my own light through darkness. Once I was out of my abusive relationship, I learned to create an amazing network of people and family (chosen and not), who helped me see myself and where I stood, and also how to stand on my own two feet. I learned where I wanted to go in life, and how I wanted to get there. Part of that journey was deciding on my core values.

It was hard putting them into words. I knew how I wanted to FEEL, but how do you put a “feeling” into a business? Especially a business that is used as coping, therapy and healing for yourself? After long and hard discussions, I came upon these five values that help me and my business on our journey. These values don’t just say where I’m from, but where I’m going, and who I want to be.

I hope sharing them with you gives you some insight into who I am as a person, who I want to be surrounded by, and a look into the soul of my company, Dolphin Wood House.  What values do you live by?

  Close-up of author smiling in a kitchen, wearing glasses, and a necklace with a dolphin pendant on it.

My Values


Approachable – There are many times that people are judged before they even open their mouths. Being a person who does not wear makeup, not style her hair, paint her nails, or wear certain clothing, I have been judged on how I look before a person even asks me a question; or, for that matter, even starts a conversation with me. I am very shy, but at the same time, very watchful, and have been told that I look too nervous to approach. I do not know how to change that, but I want to. I want anyone to feel like they can come up to be and start talking to me.

Careful – I want my team to be careful when speaking to people. Not guarded, but careful. As a woman with a domestically abusive past, and as someone who does in-person events, I know the signs. So, when a customer comes up and is showing signs of abuse, I want my team to be careful; as things they say or ways they act could be noticed by the abuser.

Communication – Every team member should embrace that we are all one team working together. We Help each other in different departments, which in turn, helps the company.

Diverse – I want people from all walks of life on my team. Different characters, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs. A community of one and many.

Drive – I want people who have drive, who want to better themselves, and to grow. Even if that means working outside of normal business hours and/or normal business practices.

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