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Dearest Beach Buddy!

As you may know, Dolphin Wood House has been in the process of changes. Changes for the better! Changes to be able to provide you with not only a wonderful shopping experience but also to provide you with more relaxation products.

We are looking to help you relax. Our tag line has now been updated to"Breathe It In". We also have a new motto called Relax-Release-Renew. We hope that with our products and our tips on how to relax, how to release your stress, and how to feel renewed that you will enjoy your days more often.

Our small shop is still small in a sense, as we still make small batches so that we can continue to use the very best ingredients in our products and will always try to provide a shopping experience as one friend to another.

But as our list of friends has grown, so has our workshop needs. We are in the process of completing our new workshop, going from 224 Sq Ft to 316 Sq Ft. With the building of our new workshop, we would like to ask you to renew your support in us.

How can you support us without making a purchase? By following us on social media, by subscribing to our newsletter and by telling your friends about us. Please see the links below to follow us and subscribe. A simple "like", comment on a post, tweet or share goes a long way.

There is another way to show your support and get something (other than that good feeling) in return. We are looking for photos.

If you email us ( dwhsoaps@gmail.com ) or tag us on Facebook, under public setting or on Instagram a photo of yourself (you don't have to show your face if you do not want too) using one of our products, we will reply with a coupon code for 25% off your next total order.

Please see the links above to follow us and/or subscribe to our newsletter.

We hope that you are enjoying your day.

Dolphin Wood House

Please note these photos will be used on our website and/or social media. By providing the photos you give permission to DWH to use it.

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