Five Reasons a Bath is Better Than a Shower


Although showers are very easy to use and somehow convenient for some reason, a bath is mostly preferred because it feels like your bed. You get to relax and reconnect with your spirit. Something is calming and fun about having your bath in a bathtub. Baths are indeed very good and here are five reasons why you should them over the bath.

  1. It is Relaxing

Unlike a shower, when you are using a bathtub you can turn down your lights, light up your candles and add some bubbles. Sounds great right? Nothing can be as relieving as this. After having a hot bath in a tub like this, tell me why you won't feel relaxed after the day's stress. You can also take the experience to a whole different level by bringing nature ie adding fern to your water. It even makes you feel like you are in an ocean.

  1. They Delay Aging

According to dermatologists, using a bath can reduce aging and adult acne. The bath helps to lower cortisol levels in the body. Note: cortisol is a stress hormone that can increase acne and introduce premature aging. To get rid of cortisol, it does not involve just taking your bath, you have to moisturize your skin after every bath so that your skin won't become dehydrated.

  1. Baths are Good for Your Skin

It is a known fact that hot water dehydrates the skin so it makes many people feel that showers are better than a bath but that is not the case. Don't forget that the body has natural oils and either showers or baths can reduce these nourishing oils. But the good thing about the bathtub is that you can add your additives like essential oils, mineral salts,  bath bombs, oatmeal, and honey into the tub. Adding these extra ingredients helps to moisturize your skin and replenish the oils.

  1. Baths are as Clean as Showers

To many people,  baths are dirtier than showers because the water doesn't drain but this is not true. According to a hygiene expert, the water only becomes dirty if you are washing sweaty and dirty bodies maybe because you were involved in an exercise or being outdoor. But if you are just trying to wash off from a normal day, the bath will be as clean as the shower too. Also, the steam from a bath can open up your pores and release the dirt in your skin.

  1. Bath can Lower Blood Sugar Level

If you have been diagnosed with a high blood sugar level, you can keep them low by using a bathtub for your baths. Some U.K scientists recently discovered that having a hot bath in a tub can help to reduce your blood sugar level. The blood sugar rises after you eat certain foods and the amount it rises to is one of the risk markers for diabetes. So it is ideal to keep your blood sugar level either low or moderate because it is beneficial to health. Baths should not replace your healthy eating and a good exercise regimen, but it does a great deal

Most people who believe that showers are better are living in fallacy because baths have been proven to be better beyond every doubt. Try to use bathtubs more than a shower because it's health benefits should even be a substantial reason to use them.

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