Everyone should have a dream. What is yours?

The story of the Titanic reminds us that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if only they dare to dream. The brave passengers on board the infamous voyage were hopeful for a fresh start in America; they looked beyond their comfort zones and took the plunge toward new opportunities. Even though their journey ended tragically, we remember them for striving after their aspirations with spirit and strength, leaving an inspiring example in history. The Titanic Ship Of Dreams Bath Bomb represents the dreams of those people and the great lengths they went to get them.

Don't just sit around and dream; take action to make them a reality! If the passengers of the Titanic had sat around and waited for a better life, their dreams might not have been fulfilled. The trip might have ended badly, but at least the passengers knew they had given their dreams their all and could have no regrets. Dreaming requires strength, dedication, determination, and courage. The Titanic passengers had all three.

Dreams are like the beat of our lives. They give us something to aim for, a reason to persevere through the tough times. Just like a North Star guides sailors when navigating, dreams keep us going even in moments of doubt and despair. Just remember, when things go sideways, keep dreaming because there is always something better waiting ahead.

Life might throw us a few surprises, and things might not always go the way we planned, but our dreams stay with us forever. Don't ever stop dreaming; it keeps your ambitions alive! It's just a reminder of how strong we all are as humans and that there is so much for us to do, experience, and give back. When you never give up on chasing your dreams, you become an inspiration for those struggling with their own obstacles. These stories prove that if you have the determination and keep at it, even the wildest dreams will come true!

It's important that we never forget the Titanic dreamers and all who came before them. We've got to give major props to the earlier generation of dreamers. They left behind such amazing legacies that have served as inspiration for many succeeding generations! The dreamers in history, whether it was on the Titanic or before that, set a precedent, so people now have a good example of what it means to follow their dreams.

Dreams are like a quilt, bringing our lives together, connecting what was to what is, and pushing us toward the future. People on the Titanic were dreamers, starting out with hope and conviction, setting an example that lingers today. Your own courage when times are bad or your ambition to chase your dreams—these show us all there's still hope! As long as we have a longing in our hearts, nothing will be forgotten. Dreams shape us, sustain us, and keep alive those who lived before us through our ambitions, so never give up dreaming because within them lies the potential to move further than the coastline and make a big difference.

People close to me know that the story of the families on Titanic holds a special place in my heart.  I have been researching Titanic for over 25 years now and in the last 5 years my husband David and I have been able to join a great group of diverse people each August.  This year will be different as we will not be able to attend the conference but we will be there in spirit.  We do have a wonderful surprise to share as these Ship of Dreams Bath Bombs will be there in real life as they make their debut at the conference in Las Vegas, NV.  

I have been asked many times to make a Titanic soap or bath bomb and have been working on the design for some time now. As this is very important to me I wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible.  So I hope that this bath bomb reminds you to have a dream, to work for that dream, and to never give that dream up.  

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