Variety of Handcrafted Soap Bars Surprise Me Soap
Berry Breeze Soap Bar
Beach Chair Coffee Soap Bar
Lavender Dreams Soap Bar
Ocean Surf Soap Bar
April Showers Soap Bar
Blue Mist Soap Bar
Tea Tree Detox Soap Bar
Caribbean Waves Soap Bar
Morning Beach Breeze Soap Bar
Green Vine Soap Bar

Samplers Soap Bars

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Ever wanted to try one of our soap bars, but you were not sure if you would like the fragrance or feel of the soap? This is where we need smell-oh-vision but until that day comes you now can buy half bars of our soap. 

Please pick the bar of soap you would like from the drop-down menu, if you choose the "Surprise Me" option we will send you a bar of soap of our choice.

Some bars are 2 oz, 2.5 oz or 3 oz each, size varies.

Please see the regular full listing for details on each soap available.

Please note there may be a glare on the photo as these soaps are already wrapped and ready to go.

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